Comedian Woli Agba has shared his thoughts on why men cheat on their wives.

Appearing on TVC’s “Your View”, the comedian stated that familiarity is the major cause of cheating.

He further explained that when men see their wives every day, he gets used to her which, in turn, makes him overlook her value.

He said: “Familiarity bores men sometimes. The fact that you are seeing her everyday and you are already used to her, is what makes men look outside.”

Woli Agba then stated that a man’s love for his wife can be revived when the man remembers how he struggled to win her love.

He said: “But when you remember how you were chasing your wife before she finally said yes, you place more value on her.”

On his opinion, after a Nigerian man stated that a real man will not allow his wife to be successful, instead he will place her on salary to curb her pride.

He responded saying; “Whatever happens between a couple should be based on their personal choices. If the man decides to place his wife on salary and she agrees, so be it.

As a wife, your husband should be your secret place. Don’t make him feel inferior.

“Civilization has done a lot of injuries to our culture. If a woman is earning more than her husband, for example, she could give the children’s fees to her husband in secret so he can pay. That’s a way to not make him feel inferior.”