Afghanistan footballer dies in fall from US military plane

Aug 19, 2021 | Sports

The Afghan news agency Ariana reported on Thursday that an Afghan national team footballer perished in a fall from a United States plane at Kabul airport on Monday.

Since Taliban stormed to control in Aghanistan on Sunday, throngs of people have flocked to the airport, several of whom have been seen attempting to board a moving jet.

Zaki Anwari died after falling from a USAF Boeing C-17, according to Ariana, and his death was confirmed by the General Directorate for Sport.

Khalida Popal, the former captain of the Afghan women’s football team, encouraged players to delete social media, erase public identities, and burn their uniforms for safety reasons now that the country is once again under Taliban control on Thursday.

The Copenhagen-based woman in a video interview with Reuters on Wednesday,  said the extremists had previously killed, raped, and stoned women, and that female footballers were afraid of what the future might hold.


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