Twitter influencer, Pamilerin, accuses his Aunt’s husband for allegedly killing her

Nov 26, 2020 | News

Nigerian Twitter influencer, popularly known as Pamilerin has publicly accused his aunt’s husband of allegedly killing her.

According to him, his deceased aunt was killed by her husband after she attended a naming ceremony her elder brother held, against her husband’s will.

Recounting the ill treatment meted on his late aunt by her husband and his family, he wrote,


“Whenever you are ready to marry, please pray you don’t marry into the wrong family. Your husband or wife can be a great person but what about the family. My Aunty’s husband (Abayomi Opeifa) just killed her overnight. Because she went to her elder brothers naming ceremony

“Abayomi’s mother basically control him on what to do and what not to do. When to beat his wife and when he should not allow his wife sleep inside. I’m not against your parents staying with you, but my aunty has never enjoyed her home since her husbands mother moved in

“This is Someone that used to head a hotel in Lekki, worked at Eko Hotel and called himself Gentleman and and fearing. Oloriburuku ni e Abayomi. You will rot in Jail. You and your mother, HE HAS BEEN ARRESTED.”



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