I’m tired of men calling women ‘gold diggers’ — Uriel

Aug 17, 2020 | Entertainment

Nigerian reality star and entrepreneur, Uriel has shared her thoughts on the issue of calling women ‘gold diggers’.

According to the BBN 2017 star, it is wrong to crucify a woman or tag such a gold digger just because she wants more for herself.


Uriel revealed that as much as she loves her mother, she never wants to struggle like the older woman did and yes, sis is tired of the ‘gold digger’ narrative.


Her post reads ;

I’m tired of men calling women Gold diggers when they say they want a man who is okay.

This goes to both men and women. Bring something to the plate.

I love my mother but i don’t ever want to struggle like she did.

I am not interested in marrying a billionaire…but if you are kay na

Just work man. work, stop making girls feel like crap for wanting more


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