Taliban kills a woman in the streets of Afghanista for not wearing burqa

Aug 19, 2021 | News

Just hours after the Islamists promised to protect women’s rights, Taliban thugs killed an Afghan woman on the street for not wearing a burqa.

A marauding death squad is said to have murdered the woman in Talogon, Afghanistan’s northeastern Takhar province, for not wearing Islamic clothing in public.

A photo released by Fox News of the alleged killing shows a pool of blood spreading from the woman’s body while traumatised family mourn her.

The woman is said to have been photographed after the Taliban took power, but the exact date of the photograph is unknown.

A convoy of Taliban fighters was shown raging through the streets of Kabul, blasting automatic guns into the air as they allegedly tracked down human rights activists and government officials in another video.

The chaos and bloodshed follow Taliban leaders seizing the presidential palace on Tuesday and declaring Kabul their capital in a televised victory address.

They promised to reestablish Sharia law, but with a softer approach than the brutal repressions that characterised their tenure from 1996 to 2001.

The Taliban stated in their speech that they are “committed to the rights of women” but only under Sharia law.

Twenty years ago, Islamists viciously oppressed women in particular. Females were prohibited schooling and job rights, as well as the right to be in public without a male escort.


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