24 year Old Lady Recounts How Her Friend Took Her To A Place Where She Was Gang-Raped By 7 Men

Jun 11, 2020 | News, Videos

A Nigerian lady identified as Omowunmi has recounted how a friend of hers took her to a place where she was gang-raped by seven men in 2018.

In an interview with Channels TV, Omowunmi said when she got to the place with her friend, the men there forced her to take Tramadol and Codeine and then proceeded to take turns in raping her. She said the men increased the volume of the music in the apartment so no one would hear her cry for help.

Her words:

”They were playing music. They loud it so high that nobody will hear even if I am shouting and that my friend was there.

They started beating me, insisting that I should take Tramadol and Codeine. I was like why will you force me to take it, that I cannot take it. They started beating me.

Since they are much and there power is much, I took the Tramadol and Codeine. I became unconcious, I did not know what happened. 

All I knew is that they undressed me and they slept with me. They were much inside that room. 

Then I was a virgin so blood was very much to the extent that they even washed my clothes.” she said

When asked if she wants them to pay for what they did to her, Omowunmi said:

”I want but at a point, you have to think back, let me just forgive them. It’s because it’s been delayed so there is nothing we can do. They had the opportunity to come to our house to beg since then. There is nothing we can do. We just have to let them go.”

Till date, the seven men who allegedly raped her are walking free.


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