Isaac Oladipupo: Forging the frontiers of digital marketing, PR

Sep 12, 2019 | Entertainment

By Benjamin Njoku The tale of grass to grace, they say reflects hard work, diligence, perseverance and staunch determination. Such is the story of Isaac Oladipupo, the CEO of MediaWise Digital Agency, an innovative media and communications outfit with over eight years of practical experience in Digital Marketing and Public Relations.

Oladipupo’s foray into the media dates back to 2009 when the Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor gave him his first break in the industry. “It was a rare privilege I’ll forever be grateful to her because she gave me that chance despite being an undergraduate and the youngest in the team,” he said with nostalgia.

He continued: “I remember writing the popular inspiration column for Genevieve Magazine then, and giving my best to always deliver my tasks before deadline. I had to grow quickly into the role and went on to interview top celebrities, bank CEOs and also covered major events across the country.

“It was a strict, creative and excellence-driven environment that helped me cultivate a deeper level of discipline which I have found incredibly helpful till date.” Oladipupo left the Genevieve Magazine in 2012, to set up his brainchild, Mediawise Digital Agency. A decision that was borne out of the increasing demands for Public Relations services from popular brands and celebrities. However, eight years after he took that bold step, Oladipupo can tell better.

He is not only living his dream as a PR expert but forging a frontier capable of reshaping the global practice. He believes in digital marketing and the possibilities of the internet for the African continent. It seems former British Olympic champion, Bob Richards had him in mind when said ”today”s youngsters will change the world tomorrow.’

”Though we started small, we are indeed grateful for the great brands we are privileged to have worked with and the ideas we have been able to execute across different sectors. We look forward to adding more value and deploying even more disruptive ideas to shape the Public Relations and Digital space across Africa and beyond,” he said.

Aside from using the media to uplift brands, Oladipupo also believes the media can transform lives, communities, and nations. ”Making this happen on a global scale has been my dream from childhood. Specifically, I am working towards building a global media platform that deploys ingenious empowerment for young people to take responsibility for their lives and communities towards a transformed world,” he added.

On his vision, Oladipupo said ‘ I’m very passionate about financial empowerment for young people so they can focus on changing the world with their ingenuity. Though our nation doesn’t provide the kind of environment that supports this, I believe we can find creative ways to make this happen.’ Isaac has served as Communications and Strategy Consultant for Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment, AD Consulting, Awesome Treasures Foundation, This Present House and Arise Monalisa Foundation among others.



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