Woman by her husband in a hotel with another man (video)

Sep 14, 2021 | Videos

In a video making the rounds on the internet, a young man and a married woman in Amorous relationship, were caught red-handed by the woman’s husband, in a hotel were they had gone to have sex.

According to reports, the yet-to-be identified husband was informed of the wife’s antics by friends, who claimed that she has been cheating on him for a long time.

The incident, which is suspected to have occurred in Ghana, has gone viral on social media since then.

The enraged husband is heard threatening to kill the other man in the video, but his wife pleaded with him to spare his life.

The young man had no choice but to kneel and ask for forgiveness.

The video from the public humiliation is currently trending on social media, with many people claiming that the woman and her lover deserved to be punished.


See the video below;


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